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This Is Me.. By Me.

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

I always have words, but when coming up with the right words to spill about myself, I'm invariably drawing a blank..

I'm very self-aware and have been since I was young. I know my good qualities and am way too conscious of my bad. I know myself deeply and that understanding has always led me to feel burdened by the idea that I've been called to do something big, something important. I say burdened because to be honest, the spotlight causes me to have seriouslyyy sweaty pits and that's never a good look... but on an even more serious note, I am terrified to fail.. especially publicly. This isn't solely with starting this blogging journey, but with daily life.. the mom life.. the owning your own small-business life.. hell.. the living up to social media's standards life. Our lives are so public these days and I'm not knocking it, but with that publicity comes judgement and reaction. So let me note- I haven't a clue what I'm doing. I'm diving into this head first and simply assessing the Do's and Don'ts of this social world as I go. But what I do know is this, I am really good at listening.. whether you see that as a talent or not, I've always been thankful for it. It has allowed me to live a life ran by unbiased opinions, it has made me quite good with people, it's permitted me to become a decent writer, and has made me a damn good friend.

So this is it. My first blog post. Here I am, hanging the title 'blogger' from my neck and asking ya'll to give a crap about what I have to say. My end goal is this.. share this beautiful life I've been blessed with, share the fashion, the skincare, the Arlo (lol), the recipes, the home decor, the styling, the creativity, the budget-friendly living, etc. but I'm also going to share the gritty stuff, the real stuff, the relationship stuff, the mom stuff... the stuff we want to talk about and don't. I want to be open and vulnerable to a point where we are building a tight-knit friendship.

I want to build something real and raw and unwavering...

so let's do it.


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