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The Top Thrifty Stores In Nashville That You Have To Visit

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Whether you've knew me for years or have been following along for a week, it's safe to say that most of you know I'm kind of a certified badass when it comes to thrifting. This isn't me boasting, it's truly the one gift in life that god blessed me with. Yes, yes I know it's nothing worthy of priding myself in, but this trait was learned from a young age. Growing up in small town Mcminnville, Tn. where the mall offered JC Penny and Goody's (until that closed) I was basically forced to lean to thrift. So what began as a necessity, became my defining nature and most likely one of the reasons Matt will wife me up cough cough... #pennypincher (jk guys, having a little one is just kind of expensive) I figured it was time to use my gift for more than saving a whole lottaaa dollars and share with ya'll my favortie places to thrift here in Nashville and a few tips on how to take it on like a pro!

1. Thrift Smart-

4890 Nolensville Road

Nashville, Tn.

Note: So, I hadn't planned to do this in any order, but Thift Smart on Nolensville Road may just be my absolute favorite thrift of all time. Here's why, it’s so big and offers a wide variety of vintage and new goods. But like really, really good vintage and killer finds from present popular brands. Things to note about this thrift store is that they have a "designer" type section up front... not everything is necessarily designer, but it has a good selection of name brands and vintage pieces all priced a little higher than anything else in the store. Next thing to note is to not skip a rack... for those of you who don't love to thrift but love the funky stuff, I know this will be hard for you. Good news is that the store is broken down into clothing type and all tops are even broke down into colors... I feel like this is huge for those of you who are shopping for a color to complete an outfit.

My favorite things to find here: HANDBAGS, vintage, house decor, kids clothes, and their jewelry and accessories are amazing.

2. Goodwill- Bellevue

7663 Hwy 70 S

Nashville, Tn.

Note: Goodwill is Goodwill ya'll. Although I visit regularly, you could hit gold one weekend and strike out the very next. The thing with Goodwill is that new items hit the floor all day long. I always have luck here and it is also exceptionally clean for a thrift store

My favorite things to find here: Vintage/graphic tees, sweaters, vintage denim, swim wear in the summer months, home trinkets, books, menswear, and last but not least SHOES.. yep.. I have found some deals on awesome shoes here.

3. Southern Thrift

5010 Charlotte Pike

Nashville, Tn.

Note: This thrift is one of my favorites, mostly because it offers the largest jewelry selection I’ve found in any second-hand store and it always keeps me coming back. Also, this area of Nashville is one of my favorites. There's a whole row of little odd and in places on Charlotte Pike as well as some amazing restaurants nearby. If you stop by Southern Thrift be sure to stop into Taquria Del Sol, 5 Points Pizza, Avo, Calypso Cafe, or EIO and the Hive to eat and OAK and Cool Stuff Weird Things for the best home décor.

My favorite things to find here: jewelry, jackets, tops, vintage, funky bottoms, menswear.

4. Rivergate Goodwill

2101 Gallatin Pike N.

Madison, Tn.

Note: This Goodwill is a GEM. As I said before, Goodwill can definitely be hit or miss, but I always find the best stuff here.

My favorite things to find here: KIDS CLOTHES (especially little girls), home decor, vintage, clothes, denim, and handbags!

5. Local Honey

519 Gallatin Avenue

Nashville, Tn.

Note: Local Honey is hands down for those of you who love to dress in fashionable vintage trends, but who don't necessarily love the hunt of thrifting. Local Honey is a high-end salon that also offers the most rad clothing finds. Everything is curated and has already been hand-picked by some awesome stylists. Don't expect Goodwill prices here because the hardest part of the job has already been done for you. Do expect to leave with a bag full of pieces that will ultimately change your closet.

My favorite things to find here: Awesome denim, especially shorts in the summer months! Dresses, trendy vintage pieces, and amazing jewelry from local designers.

6. Toro

917 Gallatin Avenue

Nashville, Tn.

Note: This is one of my all-time favorite spots to drop into. Much like Local Honey, you will not be finding low ticket prices here; however, they do usually have a $5 sale bin lying around. Toro brings something a little different to the table than most vintage filled stores because they also have a room full of new inventory that you would shop from any boutique allowing you to pair the newest trends with top-notch vintage. Something else that sets Tore apart is that the majority of vintage goods you find throughout the store has been thrifted in NYC and brought back here to serve the Nashville people (can I get an amen). These pieces have already been hand-picked to offer you that next level style.

My favorite things to find here: Vintage denim, leather jackets, the most amazing matching sets, menswear, denim jackets, handbags, vintage tees, and shoes.

**Below are two of my favorite Goodwill’s to visit outside of Nashville but still located in Middle Tennessee**

1. Cookeville Goodwill

575 S Jefferson Avenue

Unit C,

Cookeville, Tn. 38501

Note: This Goodwill is dear to my heart. I have been shopping here with my mom for as long as I can remember, and I always leave with a shopping cart full of goodies. Cookeville also has the cutest downtown square. You’ll be happy you visited.

My favorite things to find here: VINTAGE DENIM. I find more vintage Levis here than any other thrift store. Swim wear, jackets, dresses, and leather pieces.

2. Manchester Goodwill

2161 Hillsboro Blvd. #31

Manchester, Tn.

Note: Like the Goodwill above, I have thrifted here forever and always leave with something awesome.

My favorite things to find here: Sweaters, jackets, and vintage denim.

Top Tips For Thrifting:

  • No matter the season, at least 1/2 of your tops can and should come from a thrift store. 1. SAVE MONEY WHERE YA CAN. 2. SAVE THE WORLD. (yes, unless you’ve spent time doing your research, you don't realize how fashion negatively effects our environment). Shirts, blouses, jackets, tunics, sweaters, etc... these items are all so easy to thrift and it doesn't require as much skill as it does patience.

  • Always, always, always stop in hole-in-the-wall thrift stores. These tiny mom and pop shops may not look like anything special, but you're most likely about to come across some super rad vintage that has yet been picked through by the other mobs of thrifters.

  • Never pass up looking through the shoes, handbags, belts, and jewelry.

  • If thrifting isn't your thing, then figure out your favorite "high-end" second hand stores. Places like Buffalo Exchange, Marti and Liz, and Poshmark are going to be more up your alley.

  • TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE... take a Saturday to go thrifting for your kids. You may have to hunt, but you'll find pieces that are well worth your time.

Well, my first blog post of 2019 is DONE. I hope this answers the question I’ve been asked for as long as I can remember. Check out the pics below for some inspiration on completely thrifted

outfits! Peace out lovely humans and happy thirfting!

**cold shoulder top and Freebird sneakers were not thrifted**

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