• Lea Montgomery

My Biggest Tip For Always Looking Stylish

Updated: May 7, 2019

AyyyOOoo friends! Spring has sprung and I'M HERE FOR IT. I'm undoubtedly kicking off the season with a new write-up sharing with ya'll one of my favorite styling tips... I mean I can't say it's a break in fashion, but it's definitely key to maintaining a consistent fashion forward appearance. Here's some background on how this blog post came to fruition. For as long as I can remember I've been asked the question, "How do you always look cute?" but it made begin to think of my fashion journey and the small changes I've made to make sure I'm always branding myself appropriately as a stylist... yes, even on errand day because who the heck knows who you'll meet in Target.

So like every one of you, I've always had my "comfy clothes," my "lounge clothes," and

my "slightly disgraceful, stained clothes that need to be donated but I'm too attached to." I kept these around for the occasional binge watching marathon and to throw on at night, but you best believe that I entered the real world looking like that one too many times... and it never failed, I'd pray not to run into anyone I knew. Well after I had Arlo, I realized I had every opportunity to pick these over loved pieces up and to wear them all day longgg… I mean as a mom who works from home, I'm never waking and reaching for my new high-rise denim. So, I got rid of it all. I donated a big box of old Victoria's Secrets sweats, all the see through leggings, and half of my t-shirt collection so I didn't give myself the opportunity to wear them. I rebuilt that over-loved comfy collection with quality leggings and joggers, I bought cozy pajama sets to wear in place of the items I swore I only wore to bed, and here goes... my biggest tip for always looking stylish, I replaced all of those old childhood sports tees with the raddest graphic tee collection... I already had an assortment of funky, vintage tees, but instead of keeping an ugly, but comfy t-shirt to sleep in, I bought tees that could be worn with athleisure for errand day or a day indoors, cool enough to be paired with a good pair of denim, and versatile enough to dress-up with a fun skirt. So. Simple. Here's a short guideline for shopping tees and the questions you should ask yourself next time you're on the hunt!


1. Will this be a staple in my closet?

2. Will I wear this out?

3. Is it comfortable enough to lounge/mom in?

4. Do I love it?

Boom. that's it. If a t-shirt can cover those four questions, then it's a winner! Now for the good news. I've done all the scouting and comparing for you and curated a frick ton of tees for you to shop directly including the one I'm sporting in the photos above, which I designed myself. I've only added a handful of vintage tees, because most killer vintage tees you come across on the interweb aren't the cheapest, so always remember to stop into your local thrift stores to check out their selection. Happy Friday. Happy shopping. Happy Spring.

My Favorite Places/Brands To Shop Tees:

1. Thrift Stores- like vintage denim, it's a rare occasion that you find an awesome vintage tee while thrifting, but when you do, you can confidently rejoice in your skills as a thrifter.

2. Entrepreneurs- I love a good small business, so anytime I find who designs their own screen prints, I cave. I also find a ton of people who have little vintage shops on Instagram that I love to buy screen printed tees from.

3. Brandy Melville- It's no secret. I. Love. Brandy. She slays the edgy, street style game and I can honestly say that you could buy any tee from her site and look stylish. I struggled to choose when curating the list above to be honest. I could buy them all.

4. American Eagle- ae seems to always have an awesome collection of graphic tees. They already have that perfect work in feel and I often find them on discount!

5. Indy Brand- Their tee collection s too die for... go shop immediately.

6. Etsy/Ebay- It takes patience when searching but totally worth it when you find an awesome deal.