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Festival Inspo: S/S 2019

Updated: May 21, 2019

Festival season falls right behind Christmas in my book. It is hands down, without question, bar none...the second best time of the year. I love the music, the food, the liberation I experience disconnecting from the real world, + obviously the freedom I have when planning my outfits. I've been to several festivals, but one festival I haven't missed in the last nine years is Bonnaroo (aside from the year I was with child of course) and it's officially less than a month away. So here's the scoop, it doesn't matter what festival you find yourself at this summer, none of them are Coachella. A few key points to remind yourself of when planning your looks; Don't drop a sh*t ton of money on outfits, ya'll know I know I keep my fast fashion limited, but I will always pick up a few pieces for festival season. Don't wear heels. Keep your clothing during the day light and airy because it's going to be 90 degrees and humid. If you can create a funky outfit from your bikini, DO SO. It gets chilly at night so bring layers. I suggest getting at least a few wears in shoes before bringing them to a festival, there's a ton of walking and dancing and ain't nobody got time for blisters. If you do buy something a little pricey for your festival wardrobe, make it something that it's something that can double into your everyday wardrobe like a good pair of denim or the sneakers you've had your eye on. Always go thriftiing to find unique pieces. and always shop your own closet to see what staples you already have and could easily build from. (i.e. a black bodysuit, a matching set, fun printed tops, graphic tees)

Okay... those are the key points I can think of right now, so let chat festival styles right quick. We can break down the average festival styles into roughly 3-4 categories (or if you're like me + enjoy mixing a little bit of everything together then there's really no category for you to fall under so just get creative!)

1. Boho Babe- light, airy floral tops. flouncy dresses. leather back packs. ruffle tops paired with vintage denim.

2. 90's Grunge(y) Get-up- graphic tees, utilitarian pants, thick soled boots, chains on chains on chains. fishnet dresses. heavy jewelry. fringe. animal print. neon's. hair clips.

3. Wild Wild West Vibes- cowboy boots. western belts, large hats. bandannas. and again, fringeee.

4. Spice Up Your Life- crochet sets. glitter. platforms. colored sunnies. bright colors. think baby spice and sporty spice had a baby.

I've rounded up 70 or so items for ya'll to shop. I've broken them down into categories so it's easier to navigate and manage and have also gave you an example of each category being styled. Be sure to scroll through the "Shop The Look" to see a ton of different ideas. LEGOOOO!

Boho Babe:

Shop The Look:

90's Grunge(y) Get-up:

Shop The Look:

Wild Wild West Vibes:

Shop The Look:

Spice Up Your Life:

Shop The Look:

+ Always Accessorize:

Happy festival season bbs!!



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