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2018 Gift Guide For Her

I CANNOT BELIEVE ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! This time last year I was 8 and a half months prego and in full nesting mode... like I took the quote "deck the halls" serioussslllyyy.. Anteewayss, let's talk about why we are actually here.. Christmas is the time for giving, so like most bloggers, I'm out here just whipping together Gift Guides, and I must say, it may have become one of my favorite pastimes. I put a lot of time into shopping around for my Christmas gifts becasue gifting is hands down one of my favorite things to do. I get so excited to give people gifts that I struggle to hold in the surprise! So if you're stumped on what to get your mom, aunt, grandmother, sister, or bestie.. hopefully this will help you out! (p.s. all gifts are working links, so feel free to shop via this post!)

So one of my favorite things to do when gifting is to make boxes.... let me explain.. I love putting together an assorment of items for someone to accomplish an activity per se.. the first few gifts are various "box" ideas. I love this as a gift because they're so easily customizable to the individual you're gifting.

  1. "Date Box"

We're actually gifting Matt's parents with a "Date Box" this year! A "Date Box" could range from giving a gift card and reservations to their favorite restaurant, along with an outfit for each person to wear the night of the date (if you couldn't afford an entire outfit, you could do a nice shirt for the man and a new pair of earrings for the lady) I would also probably throw in a bottle of wine to get the night started, and maybe even top it off with a giftcard to a seperate restaurant for dessert. I love wrapping each of these gifts individually, numbering them in the order in which they should be opened, letting each little present unfold into a big surprise. BTW... I LOVE THIS IDEA FOR THE PARENTS. We made the decision to give Matt's parents a "Movie Night Date Box." In it will be a giftcard to their favorite movie theater (this will cover a movie for two people and the cost of popcorn and two drinks.. we'll be putting $40-45 on theirs) I'll add in a few boxes of their favorite theater candy, a canvas bag with their anniversay date printed on the side to carry their movie essentials in, and two cozy fleeces for them to wear inside the theater!

2. "Treat Yo Self Box"

This box is one of my favorites because it can literally take care of any girl or guy on your list.. The items I would add in this box are a set of pajamas, a pair of house shoes, a face mask of choice, a jade roller, facial mist, a gift card to get their nails did or for a massage, and of course, a bottle of wine.. (yes.. I am adding a bottle of wine into each box) I think this gift idea is so easy and fun. Switch the products out to make it your own.. throw in your personal must-haves or even throw in all the manly things and give it to your honey!

3. "Fitness Box"

I came up with this idea because with a new year being right around the corner, resolutions to workout and get in shape will be amongst the many things we speak into the universe... but let's be real, it's much easier to want to hit the gym up when ya got some new spandex that you can't see your panties through and a groovy yoga mat! In this box I'd add a legging and sports bra set, a new water bottle, makeup wipes for after the gym, maybe a cute pullover for the after gym errands, a new yoga mat or gym bag, and a sample pack of my fave Plexus suplements! Dependent on your budget, it would also be cute to throw in some new sneaks!

4. Daily Planner/Organizer

Again, with new year right here at us, a new planner is a must! I don't know about ya'll, but I get so freaking excited to buy a new palnner each year. Erin Condren carries my all time favorite daily planner.. They are a little more of a splurge than your average Target planner, but super worth it! The pages are thick and have so much space for jotting down your weekly plans, grocery lists, and work events. The planner is coil bound so that it opens and lays flat (very important). The best part about Erin Condren planner's is that they are customizable. Not only does she offer so many different designs, but you can customize the front with the gift recipient's name, or an inspirational quote, making it such a cool gift.

5. Able Leather Bag

So I can't say enough about this company or their mission. I chose this as one of my top picks because 1. What a company to support. 2. Their workmanship is BEAUTIFUL, you can never have too many leather bags, and it will literally last a lifetime. and 3. I'm all about shopping local. I've linked a few of my personal faves below!

Sooo.. one of the things I most look forward to at Christmas are the small gifts and stocking stuffers. I've always felt like these are so personal and meaningful and shouldn't be any less exciting than your big gifts. So to round up this Gift Guide, I'm going to leave ya'll with a few ideas, all under $25!

That's a wrap my little elves! I've added links to each item and have shopped around for good price points. I hope this helps ya'll shop this Christmas and takes a little stress off of your plate. If ya'll have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Tis the season!

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